Procedures for establishing money companies in Egypt

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Mostashark Alqanony

Mostashark Alqanony office has been established since 2007, and the office has more than seventeen years of experience working in the field of law, both public and private, and the founder of the office until today supervises the office’s work, prosperity and progress, and is keen to satisfy all its clients by providing the best standards of distinguished legal services

The office also provides the highest quality standards and gains the trust of our clients through our distinguished method of good dealing, credibility and the preponderance of legal opinion. We have provided many legal advice, whether in foreign marriage, customary marriage, family issues and the establishment of companies. Providing legal support in all personal status issues and documenting contracts. Customary marriage, marriage of foreigners, and lawsuits proving marriage before the family court. These achievements over twenty years with Counselor Mustafa Tariq 

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Consultant Mr. Husseini Consultant of criminal cases and criminal Cassation

Advisor Mahmoud Wagih Corporate incorporation consultant

Consultant Alaa said Advisor to the Council of state and administrative justice

Consultant Mohamed Abdel qader Family issues advisor

Engineer Hisham TariK It and Public Relations Officer

Professor Nada Gamal Al-Din Office manager and marketing officer, organizing meetings and conferences

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Mostashark Alqanony has more than seventeen years of experience in the field of law, both public and private