A legal customary marriage


1-acceptance of marriage by both parties in front of the lawyer and witnesses

2-quietly, it is a legitimate and legal marriage, there is nothing wrong with it, but read it da quis

Writing the complete and clear data of the husband and wife in front of the lawyer and witnesses

Meaning ( full name-ID number-religion-nationality )

3-the presence of 2adult male witnesses

Ok, in the case of no men ((you will need 4 adult female witnesses))

But it is better for men. If you do not have witnesses, you can ask the lawyer for witnesses

4-spouses over the legal age

5 - the presence of a dowry and a backside in the contract

6- Writing a full legal and Sharia contract by a lawyer, not an office contract

7- Not specifying a period for the expiry of the marriage

8- Not to write illegal or legal conditions in the contract

9- Not to remove any of the legal or legal provisions of the contract regarding the rights of the husband or wife

If you work all day, I'm with you, a legal contract is legal, and your marriage is 100% legal, and a million%

Of course, I do all my work and I may forget or overlook any need, especially since I am not a lawyer, I may forget any legal text for the rights of a husband or wife

Tell you what to do

You just decide to get married

And you communicate with us and you will get through in 5 minutes in Iowa 5 minutes and can be less fiddle

We are

Your Indian legal contract is full of everything

These marriage contracts take full legal and legal conditions

Seal the marriage contract with the seal of the office

Signature of the lawyer on the marriage contract

Provision of adult witnesses

And in the end, if you are going to get married with us or at some other point, you know

A customary contract is permissible if it meets the legal and legal conditions if no clause has been removed from it

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